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This page reports any issues which may be affecting users of services provided by VM Specialist.

Past Incidents

28th November 2021

Management Console VM mangement panel issues

We're making some emergency changes to the management panel to fix some issues which have been spotted when booting from ISO images.

  • Everything back up and running as expected.

  • 11th November 2021

    KVM NVME - UK, Nottingham Networking issues in Nottingham

    Possible networking issues noticed in Nottingham, UK. We are currently investigating the issue.

  • Networking seems to working as expected at this location now.

  • So far this looks to be resolved. We're still keeping increased monitoring/detection on the location but over the past 5-6 hours everything is looking like it's normal.

  • We're continuing to monitor this but connectivity seems to have settled down to where it should be.

  • We've adjusted some networking settings relating to this location and are now monitoring performance to ensure this is resolved.

  • 11th October 2021

    Management Console Email Issues

    Email sending was affected after a configuration update. This may have meant delays in seeing ticket replies, and getting account/billing emails.